Avoid the procrastination that comes from uncertainty…

I heard him say it, loud and clear. You don’t need a task list. You just need time blocking. That’s what all the most successful kids are doing. You block out time on your calendar to work on your most important projects. When that time comes around, that is the thing you need to work on. Go!

When I heard this I was in a place where my projects and Tasks lists were getting out of control. There was so much new opportunity coming at me, but I felt like I wasn’t moving any of it forward at a pace…

And here’s why you should be playing both sides…

Whenever any of us start to think about making money online, we inevitably eventually come across the idea of Affiliate Marketing. It’s a great system. It harnesses the viral power of people, made so much simpler in the internet age. And it allows new and innovative products (even some that are not that new and not that innovative) to get into the hands of so many more customers.

Whatever your motivation to make money online, Affiliate Marketing should certainly be something you consider. Whether you are looking for a little extra income to pay off your credit card debt, whether…

Hey Productivity Seekers,

Just get over it, they tell you. Take imperfect action, they say. The problem for us perfectionists is that, while that is good advice and moves our stalled projects forward, perfectionism is not done with us.

This week I outlined the 3 phases we need to go through as procrastinating perfectionists to move our projects forward, but also to be comfortable with what we have produced. When to rein our perfectionism in, and when to let it reign.

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I also announced our exciting collaboration…

Perfectionism is not done with you, even after the imperfect action…

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There are 3 phases to overcoming the procrastination spiral that our perfectionism will walk us into.

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First, we have to commit to imperfect action. We need to launch our project before we believe it is ready. We have to be committed to that idea, otherwise our perfectionism will hate what we launch. But launch…

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There are 3 phases to stopping perfectionism becoming procrastination…

It was taking too long. I was taking too long. “When are you going to launch?” they asked. “Tomorrow,” I answered, I think genuinely believing it each time.

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But tomorrow would come and I would have discovered something else that was wrong, something else that needed to be tweaked. Weeks passed…

As with all procrastination, this was fear, pure and simple. Fear of launching something that was less than I think I am capable of. Fear of judgement. Fear of success even. I wanted it to be perfect. I needed it to be perfect.

Eventually I realised this couldn’t go…

How controlling your sleeping patterns can set you free from the “Morning Calculation”

It’s a calculation I’ve been doing for most of my adult life- since I was a teenager really. It’s a calculation that has been terrorising my life for the better part of 30 years. It’s a calculation that has left me tired and exhausted and unable to get to the things in my life that bring me joy. I wonder if you’re doing the same thing?

It works like this: you go to bed and you ponder what time you need to leave the house the next day. You subtract an hour from that time. And that is the time…

So you can get more eyeballs on your writing and stop feeling like you’re yelling your words into the void

It’s enough to make your blood boil isn’t it? How many times have you given up your email address for the promise of some awesome nugget of wisdom? Some morsel of ambrosia that is going to change the game for you, only to find no such magic within? All you got was stuff you already knew and expensive upsells to get you to the real gold?

The problem is that lead magnets work (they got your email address didn’t they?) and, if we want to build an email list, we gotta have one too.

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So what is it? Look, no…

Just a Checklist to achieve more while feeling less overwhelm?

Picture by the Author

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Do you want a way to consistently avoid making mistakes? And would you like to suffer from less overwhelm at the same time? If both of those things sound like something you need, I think I’ve got a book for you that’s going to help.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Running2KeepUp Personal Development Book Club where I am reviewing Atul Gawande’s classic The Checklist Manifesto.

This is a…

The Procrastination Secrets Every Personal Development Geek Needs To Know

Why is it so hard to break procrastination? Why, even for the most vigilant of us, does it sneak up on us? Hide in the bushes? Take things off our hands without us even spotting it?

Image Produced by the Author

I am a long time procrastinator. It has impacted my life and my success in ways too numerous and too painful to list here, but suffice to say I have had enough.

For a long time I have been doing my best not to let this terrible affliction impact my world and, by and large, I have been pretty successful at that. …

Andrew Burns

Productive thinking on personal development, habit formation and limiting procrastination. You can find my website at www.running2keepup.com

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