The promise of achieving more in less time and with less overwhelm

If you want to consistently avoid mistakes and feel less overwhelm, then I believe this is the book you have been looking for.

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We have all had that sinking feeling as we realise we have forgotten to do something. Often it is something easy, something that should be routine, something that we have done hundreds of times before. This time, for whatever reason, we simply didn’t do it and now it has come back to bite us.

Atul Gawande has a simple solution for this situation- The Checklist Manifesto. …

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you can do it all yourself…

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Collaboration is often born out of serendipity- we weren’t looking for a partner in this project, but suddenly there they were and we started working together, supporting each other. One of the problems with lockdown life, working from home, working remotely is that these opportunities for serendipitous engagements are lost to us. Sure we have Zoom and Teams and Webex, but they are glorified phone calls, usually with a clearly defined purpose to respect everyone’s time. …

Or the importance of collaboration at this time of increasing isolation…

Collaboration is often unplanned, born out of serendipity. An unexpected coming together that amplifies the contributions of all involved. I have noticed that during this extended period of working from home, working remotely, that not only have my opportunities to collaborate been curtailed, but also my appetite for it. With the serendipitous meetings taken away, I have not adapted and sought collaboration. The opposite actually. I have become convinced I can, convinced I should do everything myself. I wonder if you have felt the same?

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I have interacted with people for sure, but during scheduled meetings. Anything more spontaneous causes…

How to keep your eyes on the prize…

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Listen to the latest episode of the Running2KeepUp podcast below, or find me wherever you usually consume your podcasts…

Ever had a goal that you were committed to, excited about, just ebb away overtime? Eventually you just moved onto other things and left that idea for dead?

Imagine how much further forward in your life you could be if you had achieved those aborted goals.

The problem is not in your goal setting ability. The problem is in your execution of that goal- how you are trying to achieve it.

My 3 step framework for keeping you goals in…

Or on any other platform you have an audience for that matter…

Making money on Medium can be a challenge. The Medium Partner Program encourages us to write regularly, to try to put our articles into big publications, to simultaneously build publications of our own, to build ourselves a following, and even then we earn a pittance for our handcrafted words.

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There are other ways to earn from Medium, to earn money from your hard won audience, but you have to have something to sell. This can be a challenge- what do you sell? And how do you do that?

Affiliate marketing or joint venture (JV) marketing is a massive industry. Basically…

A startlingly yellow curry for both the spice lovers and spice averse in your world

I am actually not entirely sure where this particular recipe came from. It is one of the few dishes that I used to cook before my vegetarian came into my life that is still a regular member of my repertoire now. It used to have chicken in then- usually chicken thighs, chopped into bite sized pieces- and you could easily do that now, substituting the chicken back in for the squash specified here. But actually I think this vegetarian version is superior.

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1 medium sized butternut squash

3 cloves of garlic

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 lemon

1 large…

Hi Productive Thinkers!

How have you been at setting yourself goals around the turn of the year in the past?

My experience of setting New Year Resolutions was never a satisfactory one. I could never make them stick. It was almost like there was too much pressure on them and for a longtime I gave up on them, telling myself I was just not that person. I wonder if you are the same?

More than ever though I am looking forward to the New Year. The blank page of 2021 cannot come soon enough. …

Just how successful could you be if you could keep your most impactful goals front and centre?

Have you ever had a goal slip away from you? You had the intention- maybe you even wrote it down. You started out on the path towards it, took the first steps, but somehow it got lost? Your normal routines got in the way, your attention got pulled away, and somehow that goal evaporated?

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Later you remember that intention, but it is from afar, indistinct. The shining, burning desire you originally felt has gone. You smile at how mercurial the things you think you want can be. Perhaps you tell yourself that this thing just wasn’t that important. Or, if…

The only way to solve a problem is to meet it head on

Have you ever had a problem that just wouldn’t let up? That was on your mind all the time? Maybe it was financial or to do with a relationship. Maybe it was to do with your job. Whatever the context, this thing just wouldn’t stop nagging you?

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Sometimes we might notice the symptoms first. Irritability, struggling to sleep, general frustration before we are ready to admit to ourselves there even is a problem.

And have you buried your head in the sand? Ignored the signs and symptoms, pretended this issue wasn’t happening, just waiting for it to resolve itself?

That day I was fired


Because writing the thing is only the first step…

There comes a time in the life, in the journey of every writer on Medium when they realise they are spending (at least) as much time marketing as they are actually engaged in the act of writing.

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I think we all start out the same way. Happy to whisper our words into the void, unsure whether anyone cares what we have to say, and at the same time sure we don’t need to know one way or the other. …

Andrew Burns

Productive thinking on personal development, habit formation and limiting procrastination. You can find my website at

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